10 most Dirty Animals in the World

1. giraffe

With a height of about 6 feet and weighing 1.3 tons, a giraffe would require lots of water to drink to survive. Saliva is very much a giraffe, giraffe has a tongue coupled with a length of 18 inches (about 45 cm). Tongue along it possible for us very disgusting, but the tongue is a very useful tool for digestion, helping the giraffe remove leaves from tree branches for food, and simplify the process of mastication of food. In addition, they use a tongue that "super" that long to clean the dirt on his nose.
2. cow

There are billions of cow heads on our planet. If the fact is not alarming you, how about this one fact: the foods most commonly consumed beef, such as grass, causing methane gas accumulates in their stomachs, and a constant, the gas is "leaking" and out of their stomach (read: fart) . The cow can produce a half gallon of farts in a minute.

3. hippopotamus

Quite a lot of unique facts about hippos, among other things: the weight they can reach 1.800an kg, one mammal with no hair and they use mud as sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin. What causes the animal sub-Saharan Africa is included in this list? The answer is when they play in the "mud bath", they will each throw a mixture of urine and feces from each other. Using a round tail moment of death, hippos will launch the most disgusting blob to mark their territory.


4. wolf

Habit is what causes the animals included in the list of animals he's most sordid. Animal lovers will be storing meat carcasses that had rotted a few days. The parent teach their children not to waste food, although it had rotted. And they give the carcass to their children are starving. And the wolf is also fond of eating food that they had thrown up, if the food has run out.

5. chamois

The original name of this animal in the local language, the language of India, is Tahr, and this animal is a kind of mountain goat that many live in the hills of southern India. Tahr female if you want to give a sign, that they are in the mood to mate with the male's way of pissing.
6. koala

Why is this funny animal included in the list of the most sordid animals? Maybe that's what you question. Koala food was only eucalyptus leaves. What you may not know, that the leaf is wrapped by a kind of poison. And on the digestive system of animals slacker who have special bacteria can release toxins in the leaves. Koala babies, are not born with the same ability to release the poison, so to build a defense on their digestive system, the baby will take the mother's ex-cud. By eating the mother's former food, vaccines aka bacteria from the stomach of the mother, will go into the baby.
7. Sea cucumber

These creatures can grow to nearly one meter long, resembles a long sausage. Dinner of dead animal carcasses. And it can process the carcasses of animals as much as 136 kg per year. Some cultures in the world believe that sea cucumbers are delicious food and believe this sea cucumber can stimulate sexual desire.

8. hagfish

Hagfish may never win a beauty contest in her life. Do you know what "Hag" is? Hag in English means an old woman who seems very ugly and rotten heart. Hagfish are marine animals could hardly see at all and do not have teeth, and they like to eat dead animals. Hagfish will enter the body of the dead, and eating it from within. Hagfish are very slimy, and mucus was used as a defense mechanism when attacked, hagfish can produce 8 liters of mucus to fight back.

9. bird Heriang

These animals often appear in Hollywood films as scavengers. This bird can feel the presence of carcasses, although the distance is very far away. In addition, heriang do not have sweat glands, so when they overheat, they will use steam from an animal carcass to cool the flow of the blood vessels in the skin of their feet.

10. fly

Although scientists claim that flies are insects of the most developed among others, also flies in the category most disgusting creatures on earth. What if you want to eat the fries that suddenly there is a hobby of fly food and his body filled with bacteria, landed there. Are you guys will think twice to eat the fries? Flies buzz not just in our food, they also vomiting there, fly to spew enzymes, digestive juices and saliva to change the food to be soft so they are easily aspirated by mouth shaped like a straw. Flies also like to lay their eggs in dead animals, the later the egg will hatch and the maggot born.

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