Bali Starling Bird

 In the past, beautiful nature island of Bali is a paradise for Bali Starling. Here is where they fly freely looking for food and nesting. Therefore, the Bali Starling knows no other area as a place to live.

Unfortunately, the recent Bali's forests and savannah are no longer safe to shelter for birds that had become the mascot of Bali province. Land clearing for agricultural fields and make the tree difficult to find. In fact, the Bali Starling could not adapt to nest in other places, in addition to woodpecker nest holes. In addition, uncontrolled hunting, setting traps, and illegal shooting continues to whack Bali Starling. Insects and fruit-eating animals is also threatened with extinction.

In 2001, according to reports online access Bali, there are only seven Bali Starling birds which live freely in the West Bali National Park. Meanwhile, 230 other fish living in a cage breeding in North America. England even managed to maintain a 520 tail Bali Starling.

Bali Starling including birds are the most popular on the black market. Its absence in the wild to make the price of bird known as the Bali Starling is soaring high. Reportedly, a Bali Starling valued no less than Rp. 15 million. Despite existing laws that ensnare players hunt Bali Starling, this bird still in a state that is threatened.

Actually, according to bird lovers, Bali Starling is not too special. They admitted the beauty of this bird is not reflected in his voice. Bulunyalah the main attraction of Bali Starling.

This bird-bodied white. Meanwhile, the tip of its wings decorated with black color. On the cheek, there is a pattern of blue framing the eyes. These birds usually nest in pairs. In ancient times, in one herd usually contained 30 to 60 birds.

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