White Tiger

White tiger is a kind of tiger that carries a recessive gene that produces pale coloration. The presence is also one more feature that cause genetic blemish color also faded; white tiger tiger also called "white snow" or a true white. This occurs when seseekor tiger inherits two copies of a recessive gene for this rare color faded. White tiger pink-nosed, pink-centered foot, dark-skinned gray, ice blue eyes and white fur black striped yellow or white, gray or brown.
White tigers are not albino or a different subspecies, so it can breed with ordinary orange tiger, his son is heterozygous for a recessive gene bleaching, then the orange-colored fur, but a parent who was heterozygous orange, then the child is 50% chance of a double recessive white or heterozygous orange. If two heterozygous breeding tigers as well, then the average 25% of her child is white, 50% orange heterozygotes (carriers of the white gene) and 25% of the remaining orange and white homozygous without the gene. In the 1970s, a pair of heterozygous orange tiger named Sashi and Ravi gave birth to 13 children in Alipore Zoo, three of them are white. When two white tiger breeding, the results are 100% homozygous son of a white tiger. Tigers are homozygous for the white gene may also be heterozygous or homozygous for the gene. The question whether the tiger seseekor heterozygous or homozygous depending on the context in which genes are being discussed. Pembiakbakaan in pushing kehomozigotan, then made a white tiger gave birth to a strategy.
Compared to orange tigers without the white gene, white tigers are usually larger than the born again until you reach full adult size. This is one of the advantages possessed by a white tiger in the wild, although colored. Also heterozygous orange tigers also larger than other orange tigers. Sankhala Kailash, New Delhi Zoo director in the 1960s, said "One of the white gene function is possible is to maintain a 'gene size' in the population if needed though."
White tiger striped dark individuals listed as subspecies of Bengal tiger, or tiger Royal Infia, (Panthera tigris tigris or P. t. bengalensis), even in the Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) in brackets, might once have recorded for this subspecies other in history. Now there are hundreds of white tigers in the parentheses around the world, about a hundred of the Indians and the numbers are growing. Modern white tiger subspecies include real Bengal and Bengal-Siberian mix but not sure whether this bleach recessive gene derived from the Bengal tiger or all ancestors of the Siberian tiger.
Strange color pattern is also raising a white tiger in the zoo and entertainment show starring exotic animals. Couple magicians Siegfried & Roy's famous for defending and trained two white tigers for their presentations.

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