Most Dangerous Ants

lavata Paraponera are options. In addition, said fire ants, because they say a bullet as he is very ill bite. Another name that describes every 24 hours ant, and that the cutting pain.

Ants are found in Nicaragua and Paraguay reached under the tree and the life to 25 mm. The first (Joseph Charles Bequaert (1886-1982) was described by. She said that because of pain is 30 times wasps. Who or what "burning pain and 24 is not within hours of pulsating wave station" is described "pure , intense, brilliant pain. Seven-inch needle on the heel when walking on hot coals and similar plugs. "

A pain entomologist Justin Schmidt 1 to 4, wherein the first level classification is built with wasp sting on the scale. While fire ants and Africanized honey bee and the pain factor of 1.2 is 2 or 4 pages Paraponera access.

Because of the pain is a neurotoxin, poneratoxina, Gift of the main active ingredient, such as insecticides in the early 1990s, as a natural substance that can be used in investigations described. Central nervous system of insects and a continuation block poneratoxina agonists in mammals a long time that poverty is the cause. Some sources say that almost 30 per kg is from cutting his death. Fortunately, this poison, if it feel uncomfortable or threatened, accessible through the issuance of money can musk.

Is in addition to color, add more bite fever results in the last three days from the affected area or necrosis. Other signs and symptoms include severe pain in the affected area, swelling, tremors, sweating, nausea, increased temperature and stroke. A second cut fatal anaphylactic attack, which appeared to cause us to take care of the spare parts Sateré Mawe. Sateré Mawe jungles of the Amazon in the courage of ordinary ceremony is a master. In this celebration, a young Paraponera be made in full gloves in his hand. If you pass the exam, the youth will be a fighter. should not return that amount to less than 20 stitches.

India centuries for arthritis and related diseases have been treated with ant. Strange, working jaw ants as sutures to close wounds, skin inflammation Corps during the wholesale and good.

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