Green turtle

Turtle is a sea turtle. Turtles are found in all oceans of the world. According to data from scientists, sea turtles have existed since the late Jurassic (145-208 million years ago) or the same age as the dinosaurs. At that time Archelon, measuring six meters in length, and Cimochelys been swimming in the sea turtle ancient as the present.

Turtle has a pair of front legs in the form of leg rowers who gave him agility swim in the water. Although the rest of his life wandering in the water, an occasional animal vertebrate groups, the class of reptiles that still have to occasionally rise to the surface of the water to take a breath. That's because turtles breathe with lungs. Turtles are generally migrate long distances with a time not too long. Distance of 3,000 kilometers is within 58-73 days.

Turtle's body encased by a hard shell-shaped flat and coated by the substance horn. The shell has a function as a natural protector of predators. While closing on the chest and abdomen called Plastron. There are infra-marginal scales, ie scales which connects the carapace, Plastron and there is motion in the form of Flipper appliance. Flipper on the front serves as a means of oars and Flipper on the back befungsi as a means of steering. Turtle has a hard outer pecernaan tool, to facilitate the crush, cut and chew food.

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