Blind No Legged Lizard

New species of lizard found in the mountains of Cambodia. This new species of lizard, blind and no-legged, about 15 cm in length.

According to BBC news station, this reptile was given namaDibamus dalaiensis. Reptile expert from the institute Fauna & Flora International, Neang Thy, discovered this new species of lizard under a pile of logs in the mountains of southwest Cambodia.

"First I think this common species," Thy word, as reported by the BBC.
He suspected it was a species of animal that has never seen before.

Senior biologist who is also from Fauna & Flora International, Jenny Daltry, said it took a year to ensure that these reptiles as endangered or not.

"They should re-examine the scientific description of all types of reptiles ... and see the museum specimens," he said. "The very encouraging of this invention is for the first time in Cambodia found a new species, collecting all the facts, and publicize it."

Type of blind and no-legged lizard is believed to come from America. However, 55 million years ago, they crept across the Bering Strait to Asia. Like others, these lizards live underground.

This lizard resembles a snake, but there are distinguishing. "Most snakes have only one lung, while lizards have two," he said.

However, the scientists themselves that they still have not figure out how this type of lizard navigation system.

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