Javan hawk-eagle

Javanese eagle is endemic in Java, to stop a nation of medium-sized. And Indonesia, Garuda Pancasila, is a sign of status and in 1992 made with good time as well in this regard Eagle in Java or Indonesia and the unusual set to become a mascot. Eagle Mountain forests of Indonesia and Java, East Java Lawu then see the beauty and grandeur. This is good and deserves our protection order will have no end.


Adler, the large, thin, was 60-70 cm (tip of beak to tip of tail off) with a body length. Director Brown (Kadru) with a high projecting red comb, (2-4 hairs, up to 12 cm long) are light brown and neck (sometimes gold seemed to benefit from the sunlight). Black with white top with hood, crown and a black mustache, the dark brown back and wings. A download (actually lines) between the longitudinal whitish throat with black. Down to his chest, spread, light yellow brown Tyz that led into the ground again to dull brown wings belly whitish lines (zero zero) model has become Red Cross meeting sawomatang Top black line, and the legs. Monday Monday to close near the base of the wing finger. Tail below black, white striped tail and four lines is clear brown with transverse width. Women in the same color, some large. Iris yellow or brown, half black, Sierra (beak-based meat), yellow, yellow feet (fingers). Tone without streaks or lines, neck and body with light cinnamon brown underside pups. Flights to stop when to stop the light Javanese eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus) is similar, but to see more Tyz are brown, black clock with a stomach and a bit smaller. Pick up a loud, continuous, or second klii - IIW IIIw voice, different from one to three syllables. Edit or edit high-pitched voice and quick edit icon, edit icon, icon, icon edit icon. In a way, his voice even sounds like eagles stop difference is very clear in his head. Distribution and conservation
JavaScript is in Spread Eagle, West tip (Ujung Kulon National Park) from the eastern end Blambangan Purwo limited peninsula. But now that the distribution is limited in areas with forests and wild mountains, before the hills and valleys of the point. Found mainly in southern half of Java. Can be assumed that the experts in the field of animal life cycle. Eagle tropical rain forest environment, the evergreen and lowland and higher places, such as Java. Ujung Kulon and Meru Betiri as a mountain forest near the beach begins at the bottom, and sometimes 3000 m 2200 m altitude above sea level and far.
prevent, in most cases that their Javan eagle - if not always difficult to achieve human activities space. Can be assumed that the bird is life as a place where a lot of the presence of primary forest. Although the eagle was nesting area of ​​forests and secondary forest, but found the adjacent primary forest areas of application.
Perch in tall trees in the forest hunting animals from poachers. Various branches of trees or a variety of reptiles on Earth to kill very fast and agile with victims, walik, pigeons and even birds such as chickens. Much like chipmunks and squirrels, also Babyaffe bats, weasels, as a medium to small mammals. Spawning period was recorded from January to June. Hold the green cluster contains high, nest on the branch of a tree overhead as high as 20-30. Number of eggs a unit about 47 days for incubation.
Nest tree is a forest tree, a high caste (Altingia excelsa) Rasa Mala, Couples (Lithocarpus and Quercus), tusam (Pinus), as Puspa (Schima wallichii) and sireum (Eugenia clavimyrtus). If the distance is not always in the forest, there is a place of entertainment sejarak nests 200-300 m just met. His residence Java Thin Spread Eagle. If agihannya area but only about the total amount of 137-188 pairs of birds, or the number of people around the eagle tail is between 600-1000. Stability of their small populations, the loss of habitat and exploitation, as is the case of a very large threat. Illegal logging and forest conversion into agricultural land in Java is the primary forest area is shrinking. Meanwhile, his pet eagle as the black market for business a victim of. Because of its rarity, this animal seems to keep his pride and in turn the prices for these birds.
Small population and limited range agihannya encountered high pressure in the eye, the IUCN World Conservation Javanese eagle as N (in danger of extinction) in the organization. Thus, the Indonesian government through a law to protect animals, as required.

In fact, the existence of Java was in 1820 when Adler Wayne Museum of Egypt and Kuhl Leiden, Netherlands collected Salak Mountain region of two samples from the animals as soon as it is said. However, 19th Century until the end of time, samples of the animals are still classified as a form of stop stop.
New samples collected in 1908, based on flat sand maximum Bartels, 1907 in Sukabumi, Germany's state, a show of animal experts, Finsch, be recognized as a new taxon. He Spizaetus kelaarti, stop in Sri Lanka, which is a kind of thinking as a child type. 1924, Professor Stresemann later, until the new taxon epitet with specific bartelsi up by its name in honor of Bartels, given, and include a subset of a mountain eagle Spizaetus nipalensis as. known example, the scientific name of the animal in the world Spizaetus nipalensis bartelsi, 1953 D. Amadon I increase the ranking of another species proposed end Spizaetus bartelsi I keep it.

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