Desert Lizard

Dig Australian snake (Liopholis kintorei), a hole that complicated, scientists perkadalan near the residence of relatives and family members find their homes occupied for seven years in a row.

Up to 13 meters in length, with a complex network of tunnels, and several streets and residential areas outside toilets where lizard face before bed and defecation functions.

With power and for DNA analysis is a small tail cut off, the researchers found adults living desert lizard communities together with their children in caves. Both parents and siblings to care for their homes and production. The lizard family happiness researchers reported a lizard PLoS.

However, reflect many kinds of birds and mammals, cooperative behavior, the report says that a lizard to be about building a family home for the first time. Desert lizard, where scientists explain why a fairly loyal fans of their family can be united. These results support the idea that genetically related to support groups of people ready.

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