Two Cat With Two Different Colored Eyes Ball

Two male kittens belonging Ismail (49) Luwung Village, Kecamatan Beji, Pasuruan is different from other cats. Both these cats each have a different eye color. Ie, yellow and blue.

Oddity on a pair of cat's eyeball males and females were more obvious when approached. It appears right eyeballs are yellow while the left side blue. His position was similar between the two.

seemed the two cats are very funny. The age of 3 months to make the two animals looked spoiled when restraints owners.

"The white man named Apus, if the black (black-white combination, Ed.) Woman named Empus," Ismail said second holding her cat.

In fact, according to Ismail, on the night of his cat eye ball that turned pale blue color turns red like blood. "When night becomes red color like blood," he said.

Not only that, two kittens are born by the same parent will also have other privileges. They could drop the lizard on the wall just to see it.

"I do not know whether because his eyes are like this, but can drop the lizard only to see it," explained the used tire business.

Because the privilege dimilikki pets, father of four children was admitted very fond of the two kittens. He did not even hesitate to call the two cats with the call 'nak'. "The children are also very dear," he concluded.

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