Saw Shark

Saw shark terrible situation. But this does not mean that he has become the ruler of the sea. In fact, Latin population Pristidae Pristis Microdon member of the family to small names. Saw sharks stingrays or sharks also popular on in the name because the lake Sentani Sentani Papuans. People call abroad largetooth Jawfishes large gear - meaning shark.

Fish Australia, India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and Thailand have spread so sweet and residents are classified as tropical. Usually large lakes, big rivers and swamps are in particular. Indonesia saw a shark Digul River, Mahakam (Borneo) River, Siak River and the river is Sepih.

gergaji.jpgMereka fish such as shark or small units in the mean prey. The shark not only the body size of large saws, worth over 6.6 meters. His face was sharp enough to flash paralyze their victims with powerful spikes included. But some experts see the shark in the eye are not good and is also stigma. They love to rely on the power of smell is very strong.

His body against the shark was relatively thin. Over the average swimming speed and chase prey easily shoot does. Shark's body greyish so black. Lower Austria is the weakest car color or whitish. Exterior color is different depending on where their residence is.
Nose with this unique form of fish began to find too heavy. If it the Red List, the list because it is safe race punah.Populasi fish will quickly decrease in the risk of his life and is growing faster than the human population because of the small case used. In addition, they often collect color fish suffer from RA irresponsible. The residents of most other fish caught as expected, as a hunter.

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